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Belt Thickness after Skiving  E.g.: 3/16 or 1 1/2<< Select
Minimum Pulley Diameter30''    36''    42''    48''    << Select
Belt Manufacturer Maximum PIW (kN/m) Rating440PIW    450PIW    560PIW    620PIW    
Material300 Series Stainless Top Plates, Balance Steel     Everdur     MegAlloy Plates, Steel Bolts & Nuts     MegAlloy Top Plates, Balance Steel     Promal Top Plates, Balance Steel     Rubber Covered Top Plates - Balanced Steel     Stainless - 300 Series     Steel     << Select
Result Items: 24        Results : 1 - 10 out of 24
Select 2 To CompareOrdering NumberItem CodeDescriptionQuantitySpecificationAdd to Item List
2-1/2200072-1/2 FASTENERS View
2-1/2C200192-1/2C FASTENERS View
2-1/4C200182-1/4C FASTENERS View
2-1/4E200062-1/4E FASTENERS View
2C200172C FASTENERS View
2E200052E FASTENERS View
3200083 FASTENERS View
3C200203C FASTENERS View
2-1/4CMA203462-1/4CMA FASTENERS View
2-1/4EE200962-1/4EE FASTENERS View
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